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Massage - Complete Relaxation

Massage | Ma'ati Spa - Winston-Salem, NC

There is nothing quite like a massage for complete relaxation and bodily soothing! If you are looking to book an expert specialized massage treatment in Winston-Salem, NC, look no further than Ma’ati Spa!

At Ma’ati Spa, we offer a variety of massage treatments including relaxation massage, medical massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage and couples massages.

Each type is aimed at a specific goal and offers particular benefits.

Relaxation Massage: A relaxation massage is primarily concerned with relaxing your mind and soothing your body. It makes use of smooth, gliding strokes which can be likened to a gentle kind of Swedish massage. During this treatment, your therapist will not apply uncomfortable pressure, as less emphasis is placed on working out knots in the muscles.

Medical Massage: When booking a medical massage, customers usually suffer from a specific kind of bodily pain which has been diagnosed by a doctor. The medical massage therapist then performs an evaluation of the problem and tailors a medical massage treatment to target the problem areas. This treatment is outcomes-based.

Deep Tissue Massage: The deep tissue massage is focused on realigning deep muscle layers and connective tissue. This is why so many athletes benefit from it. It is particularly helpful for areas of chronic tension and contraction. Movement is generally quite slow during this massage, and deep pressure is applied to the concentrated areas of tension and pain.

Hot Stone Massage: The hot stone massage is one of the most relaxing and luxurious massages that you can receive. Heated stones are used as an extension of the therapist’s hands and are then placed on specific parts of the body. The heat helps to relax tight muscles in order for the therapist to work deeper.