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Body Treatments

Massage | Ma'ati Spa

There is nothing quite like a massage for complete relaxation and bodily soothing! If you are looking to book an expert specialized...

Aromatherapy | Ma'ati Spa

For decades, our ancestors made use of nature’s garden for medicinal purposes. Flowers, fruits, herbs and a variety of plants...

Body Treatments | Ma'ati Spa

Ma’ati Spa offers one of the most extensive selections of unique and professional body treatments in all of Winston-Salem...

Ma'ati Spa is the most unique spa experience in the Piedmont Triad! Call us today! (336) 793-2991

Welcome To Ma'ati Spa

Upscale And Luxurious

Come and experience the divine laws of touch at Ma’ati Spa in Winston-Salem, NC. Daily life can be stressful, and without noticing, chronic stress can negatively impact your general health and physical state. For this reason, it is important for you to make time for yourself and for your body. At Ma’ati Spa, we can offer you a variety of body treatments including muscle-soothing massage and relaxing aromatherapy.

As soon as you begin to feel the niggle of bodily aches and pains, be sure to book a treatment with us at Ma’ati Spa, and we’ll provide an effective solution to your discomfort. Our experienced therapists specialize in holistic and unique treatments that combine aromatherapy, trigger point science, and relaxation techniques in order to offer you a perfect synergy of eastern bodywork modalities and western clinical processes. This way, you receive a fully rounded treatment which is not only unique but extremely effective.

We are an upscale and luxurious spa studio which guarantees that your every experience with us will be sophisticated and peaceful. All of our customers receive a complimentary aromatherapy facial sauna either before or after their booked treatment with the essential oils of their choice. The ambiance at Ma’ati Spa is especially tailored for immediate relaxation and is accompanied by soothing international music. Sit back and unwind with a glass of wine, water, or a cup of herbal tea. It’s on the house!

Ma’ati Spa truly is the most unique spa experience in the Piedmont Triad. We strive for complete customer satisfaction every day and will do our very best to provide you with a treatment tailored to your unique needs. Treating everyone like the individuals they are makes for more effective treatments. Be sure to book your next spa treatment with us at Ma’ati Spa. Feel free to enquire about our exclusive spa membership offered at excellent rates. You even get 10% off your first month’s fees!

Also offering:
• Hypnotherapy $65
• Yoni Steam/Sits Baths $65
• Suana Steam Room
• Dry Heat Suana
• Steam Sauna
•The Shirodhara Third Eye Massage